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Explore Algeria

The people’s democratic republic of Algeria is located in the north of Africa, and Algiers is the capital city. Algiers is also the most populated city. The population of Algeria is approximately 37 million making it one of the most populous states in the world. Algeria is the largest state in Africa.

How do I enter Algeria?

In order to enter Algeria, all visitors must possess Algeria visas and valid passports. It is advisable to read and understand the visa requirements before applying. There are a number of international airlines that offer daily flights to the capital city, Algiers. You might want to weigh your options before flying as at times it may be cheaper to connect two flights to Algeria. There are also daily flights from Algeria to various parts of Africa and other continents.

Algeria is also accessible by train from neighboring states. You can also access Algeria by car through the Tunisia boarder.

What car rental facilities does Algeria offer?

With the size of Algeria, it is only normal for there to be a vast array of transportation options. You can use planes, taxis, buses, trains or car rental. The most convenient and cost effective way to get around is to use car hire services. The road network in most of Algeria is well developed. However, there are other remote areas where public transportation cannot access, and this is where car rental comes in handy.

When you rent a car in Algeria, ensure it is a four wheel drive to make sure you are in a position to access even the most remote places like the Saharan areas. There are numerous car hire agencies in Algeria. You can also get cheap car hire services since the coast of fuel here is relatively low. It is also possible to rent a car from the airport upon landing or make an advance car rental booking over the internet. You also have a choice between international and local car hire agencies, depending on your needs and budget.

Where do I stay in Algeria?

Algeria offers a wide range of housing facilities. They vary from luxury to affordable accommodation options scattered throughout the country. The service and facilities you get will dictate the price of the housing option you pick. There are also home and cottage rentals, and you will require to make advance booking to make sure they are available once you get there.

What attractions to explore by car in Algeria?

Algeria mostly boasts of great historic ruins from the Roman, Phoenicians and Byzantine ages. The most popular ruins are:

  • Hippo regius ruins in Annaba
  • The Timgad ruins near Batna
  • The Calama ruins located at Guelma

The Sahara is Algeria's greatest attraction as it is the only state that offers such amazing adventures in this desert. You can visit the M’zab valley and view the crown jewel. The five cities of Algeria will blow you away with their architecture and art; you really have to be there to understand. The Atlas and Hoggar Mountains as well as the great landscapes are quite a sight and you can’t help but something to marvel at them. The beaches in Algeria are also breathtaking.

While in Algeria, make sure you indulge your taste buds in the delicious Algerian cuisine.

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