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Algiers Airport

Algiers Airport serving the Algerian capital city is currently known as the Houari Boumediene Airport, in the honour of the former President of the country. It is located in Dar El Beida, situated about an hour from Algiers and is well connected with flights to almost every premier destination of the world. If you have time to kill in the airport, then why not arrange car rental and spend some time driving down to the capital city where you can delve into the Algerian lifestyle and tradition.

Algiers is a tourist hotspot and an important port in Northern Africa, with a host of cultural, commercial, and historical attractions intricately weaved into the labyrinthine sophistication that the city has adopted since the past several years. The Kasbah is an old-fashioned venue in the city and is known for the fabulous assortment of mosques, museums, and restaurants present there.

Algiers has a remarkable coastline full of coarse sandy beaches, turquoise waters and an inviting ambience. The shallow waters of the Bay towards the coast make Algiers the best venue for water sport activities like snorkelling and swimming. You have deep sea diving, caged shark diving and many more adventures in the deep sea. Famous beaches at Algiers include Andalouses, the Canastel, the Mostaganem, and others in the vicinity.

The Basilica of Algiers is primarily attractive because it is a Christian shrine built in an Arabesque design, replete with domes, minarets and inscriptions on the walls. The paintings in the interiors and the style of the altar are predominantly French and the French rosaries also are sung every day at the shrine. The Basilica is a fine example of the cultural potpourri that exists in Algiers. People flock to the church for views from the cliff and to bask in the religious aura of the place.

In the vicinity of Algiers, the Tipaza Historical Centre is situated, which is listed as one of the World Heritage Sites. There are excavations in the area with enormous Roman bastions, forts and towers protruding from the rocks underneath. The ruins of the once-formidable military cantonment are fabulous and also have a discarded bath, granary and ammunition manufacturing centre in their midst.

Known in local parlance as the Jardin Essai du Hamma, the Botanical Gardens at Algiers are an intense delight for people who’re looking for serenity, calmness and tranquillity in the town. There are acres of lush green lawns, arcades and gardens with exotic species of floral and non-flowering plants. The enclave also has walks, jogging parks, a fountain, restaurants, and eatery joints for visitors to take pleasure in.

Algiers is a remarkable place worthy of being explored and savoured by tourists. The fact that it is one of the lesser known places of interest adds to its exoticness.

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